Muslim fundamentalist gets jail for threats to noted author

A Muslim fundamentalist who called for the death of journalist and author Kamal Daoud has been handed a six-month jail sentence with three months suspended.

Abdelfatah Hamadache, the leader of a Salafist group, was also fined 50,000 dinars ($460) by the court in the city of Oran on Tuesday.

In 2014, Hamadache published on his Facebook page a call for Daoud's assassination and urged Tunisian authorities to execute the author who he accused of "apostasy." Hamadache has one week to appeal the ruling.

Daoud, a journalist with the Quotidien d'Oran newspaper, won the Prix Goncourt for a debut novel in France last year with "The Meursault Investigation," a retelling of Albert Camus' book "The Stranger."