Tibetan in India immolates in protest against Chinese rule

A New Delhi hospital official says that a 16-year-old Tibetan living in India has died three days after he set himself on fire in a protest against Chinese rule.

Pankaj, an official at New Delhi's Safdarjung hospital, says the Tibetan suffered 98 percent burn injuries and died late Thursday.

The Tibetan self-immolated on Monday in the northern Indian city of Dehradun and was brought to New Delhi for treatment.

This was the second such action of its kind this year. The protests are seen as an extreme expression of the anger and frustration felt by many Tibetans living under heavy-handed Chinese rule.

A Tibetan monk self-immolated and died on Monday near the Retsokha monastery in western Sichuan province's Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Kardze, Radio Free Asia reported.