Days after making a crude remark to a T.V. reporter, the president of the Maricopa County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People resigned from his position.

Don Harris, who had been heading NAACP’s local chapter in Arizona for 13 months, had come under fire for telling a T.V. reporter Monique Griego, “nice t**s.” The cameras were off when Harris said his comments but a reporter from the Phoenix New Times captured it on his audio recorder.

Harris later apologized for the sexist comment, telling ABC15  that it was a “stupid thing to say” and that he “screwed up.”

“Am I sorry? You bet I’m sorry,” he told ABC15. 

The NAACP accepted Harris’ resignation, board member Benjamin Taylor confirmed to the New York Daily News.  

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“The Maricopa County branch NAACP continues to work on issues that are paramount to our community,” the chapter said in a statement. “The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational social and economic equality of rights of all persons.”

Harris said he didn’t want to become a distraction so decided to quit his post rather than continue dealing with the ongoing controversy.

"My overall thought process was I just didn't want to hurt the organization and take a protracted stance here that would tear it apart,” Harris told The Arizona Republic. “The best thing is to go away."

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, Harris said about his future: "I'm going to die. I'm 78 years old."

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