The Latest: Turkey warns Russia over new airspace violation

The Latest on what Turkey says is a new violation of its airspace by Russia (all times local):

7:40 p.m.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Russia that it will "be forced to endure the consequences" if it continues to violate Turkey's airspace.

Erdogan's comments came Saturday, hours after Turkey announced that a Russian plane had again violated the Turkish border.

The new incident comes two months after Turkey shot down a Russian jet for infringing its border, touching off a crisis between the two countries.

Erdogan accused Russia of taking "irresponsible steps" which harm global peace.


6:45 p.m.

Turkey said Saturday that a Russian warplane has again violated its airspace despite several warnings — two months after Turkey's military shot down a Russian jet for crossing over its territory. The past incident seriously strained the previously close ties between the two countries, damaging a strong economic partnership.

A Foreign Ministry statement on Saturday said that a Russian SU-34 crossed into Turkish airspace from Syria on Friday, ignoring several warnings that were delivered both in Russian and in English by Turkish radar units. It said Ankara summoned the Russian ambassador to the ministry Friday evening to "strongly protest" the violation.

In November Turkey shot down a Russian plane which violated its airspace near Syria, touching off a crisis between the two countries.

Turkey shot down the Russian Su-24 bomber near the border with Syria on Nov. 24, saying it violated its airspace for 17 seconds despite repeated warnings. Russia insists the plane never entered Turkish airspace. One pilot and a Russian marine of the rescue party were killed in the incident.