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Police sent in to search for woman crying out for help find a goat

Goats are more human than we think.

British police responded to an emergency telephone call on Sunday fearing a woman was in distress, but instead found out that the noises were being made by a goat.

A passer-by reported hearing a “repeated” wailing noise from Bristol’s Avon Gorge and a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was sent in to investigate, the BBC reports.

A NPAS spokesman said the cries of goats "can be mistaken for humans in distress.”

A search of the area turned up a “number of goats,” but no humans, ‎NPAS Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer Ollie Dismore told the BBC.

The goat is believed to have been one of a group released into the gorge in 2011 to control the growth of scrubby vegetation and to save rare flowers.

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