Mom defends young boy who cursed at police in viral video

A young boy who was filmed swearing and spitting at police in a video posted by his mother on Facebook, has defended his behavior.

The 12-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was filmed by his mother while being handcuffed by police in Sydney’s west after they suspected he had been throwing rocks at cars and buses in Lethbridge Park.

The original clip was uploaded by his mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons either. It had a caption in which she complained her son had to “put up” with regular attention from police.

“Take me f ... ing handcuffs off my wrist bra … you’re lucky you’re a cop,” the boy can be heard saying in the video.

His mother was called to the scene after he was arrested.

“Mum this c ... walked straight up … you walked straight up to me and said my name you stupid pig. F ... that’s why you’re pissing me off you dumb dog,” he can also be heard saying.

When asked in an interview with A Current Affair if he was throwing rocks at cars or buses, the boy said: “Nup”.

The boy then alleged the handcuffs police placed on him were too tight.

“He put it on, he put it on too tight and threw me against the wall. That’s why I was going off at him,” he alleged.

The boy then alleged he was “yelling” at the police but claimed they did not listen to him.

He also alleged a police officer told him: “Shut up you little black dog”.

The mother told ACA she posted the video to begin with on Facebook because she had had enough of the way her children were allegedly “harassed” by police.

“When I got there and seeing my son detained ... one ... cuff link that's wrong, one link for a 12-year-old,” she said.

She asked viewers not to judge her, and admitted her family wasn’t perfect.

“Don’t judge me, don’t judge me, don’t stereotype me, because at the end of the day I’m just a regular person like anybody else out there, you treat me with respect I treat you back with respect,” she said.

“I’d be the first mum to tell you my kids aren’t the greatest kids, they can be downright ferals as people like to say they are, but until you walk a day in our shoes or sleep under our roof, and know what we are going through, don’t judge a book by its cover.”

The footage has been viewed almost half a million times, and the mother has since deleted her Facebook account and the original post.

“This is the s*** my little man has to put up with on a regular basis over the boys in blue,” she posted on Facebook.

Police confirmed they placed the boy in handcuffs on December 27 last year when he refused to give them his name and attempted to run away. The boy was charged and will face court in early March.

NSW Deputy Premier Troy Grant lambasted the mother of the boy.

“If there was a prize for irresponsible parenting that mother would be in the grand final,” he said.

The child had obviously learned his behavior from his parents, the police minister said.

Mr Grant said police had to endure this type of behavior regularly.

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