AP PHOTOS: Jakarta tries to get back to normal after attacks

A day after attackers detonated bombs and engaged in gunbattles with police in the central part of Indonesia's capital, Jakarta tried to get itself back on track.

Associated Press photographers Dita Alangkara, Tatan Syuflana and Achmad Ibrahim fanned out Friday morning to document this attempt at recovering normal routine after a violent and frightening day.

The Starbucks where the first bomb went off was draped in fabric as investigators pored over evidence and armed officers stood watch outside. Just a bit farther off, bystanders took out their cameras to take selfies with the shattered cafe as a backdrop.

In an Indonesian tradition, well-wishers bought floral displays of condolence and placed them near the cafe. And on a median at the intersection where violence raged, a long-haired man with John Lennon glasses held a poster of the singer that urged onlookers to say yes to rock 'n' roll, no to terrorism.