Blind, elderly dog named 'Christmas' rescued from a well


 (The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund)

Two kind-hearted rescuers saved Christmas.

A blind, elderly dog who’d been trapped alone in a Bosnian well for weeks was saved by a pair of animal advocates, according to a Facebook post from The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund, which also posted video of the rescue.

The hound-liberating heroes named the dog Christmas.

“Surprisingly, the dog is in fairly good, physical condition,” Laura Simpson, found of the Harmony Fund, told ABC News. “The blindness of course is from a pre-existing condition, but he’s not in foster care and we’re hoping he can find a home where he’s loved and respected in the way he should be.”

The dog had apparently been searching for food in a field when he fell down the 28-foot well. Village children had thrown food to the stuck pup, but no one had tried to get him out.

That’s when Fahrudin Caki Bravo and Ratko Koblar stepped in.

Video footage shows Bravo being lowered down the narrow shaft to save the dog.

“[Bravo] and his friend thought it was perfectly feasible getting the dog out and they did a great job,” Simpson said. “They made it look easy.”

Blind Dog Saved from Well After 1 Month!

HEROES SAVE "CHRISTMAS" THE BLIND DOG FROM A DEEP WELLBosnian rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his buddy Ratko Koblar drove for hours without stopping when they learned that a blind dog had been trapped in an open well for an entire month. The old dog had been searching a field for food and simply fell threw the earth. Children from the area had kept the dog alive by throwing food to the bottom of that deep, dark hole, but no one attempted to save the dog. No one until now.Watch the amazing rescue of "Christmas" as he is now named. This is one life-saving experience you won't soon forgot.All year long, Harmony Fund sponsors the rescue and care of thousands and thousands of animals across the planet. Our massive fleet of heroes across the planet are saving animals hand-over-fist. This month alone, rescue work in Bosnia has already exceeded $5,000. We surely could use your donations to help. We'd love to deliver a special grant to help Fahrudin continue his rescue work and to help several others like him in Sarajevo and beyond.TO DONATE TO HELP OUR RESCUE WORK IN BOSNIA: you all for believing in us.

Posted by The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund on Tuesday, December 15, 2015