British sniper killed 5 ISIS terrorists with 3 shots, report claims

ISIS fighters near Mosul in 2014.

ISIS fighters near Mosul in 2014.  (AP Photo/File)

A skilled British sniper saved lives in Iraq by killing five members of the Islamic State terror group with just three shots, an Army source told the Daily Express Monday.

The source said the unidentified Special Air Service sniper foiled a potential terror attack two weeks ago, shooting three jihadis wearing suicide vests at a bomb factory outside the ISIS-occupied city of Mosul. The other two killed were said to be ISIS guards.

The first shot detonated one attacker's explosive device, killing the jihadi and both guards, according to the source. The second shot struck an attacker in the head, and the third hit the remaining jihadi's vest, according to the newspaper.

The sniper was positioned nearly half a mile from the attackers, the source claims.