Groups ask Mexico to pull Coca-Cola indigenous ad; say anti-racism message is actually racist

Consumer rights and health groups are calling on the Mexican government to pull a new Coca-Cola ad depicting young white people bringing Coca-Cola and Christmas joy to a beleaguered indigenous community in southern Oaxaca state.

The Alliance for Food Health says the add is "an attack" on the dignity of the indigenous and contributes to their deteriorating health. The ad, first posted last week, has been criticized for its depiction of light-skinned, fashion-model-like youth joyously constructing a Coca-Cola tree in town and hauling in coolers of Coke as a service project. Mexico has skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes.

Coca-Cola says in the ad that the campaign is to "break down prejudice and share."

The groups will ask the National Council to Prevent Discrimination to pull the ad campaign immediately.