Photographer saves drowning child during beach wedding

Scene from a beach wedding.

Scene from a beach wedding.  (Reuters)

A South African photographer says she feels “damn good” after rescuing a 5-year-old boy who she noticed was drowning as she snapped photos during a wedding ceremony on a beach.

Chantelle Botha, who was taking pictures at the wedding at the Estuary Beach in Port Edward on Saturday, said she felt a sudden impulse to turn around toward the surf.

“I don’t know what told me to turn around and look. I saw two bigger kids pulling a child out of the water,” she told News 24. “I just dropped my camera and I ran…”

Botha said when she got to the boy he had no pulse, but got a “faint pulse back” after performing CPR.

Beach staff then arrived at the scene and continued with medical assistance. The boy, who Botha said was part of a church group of children, is expected to recover, News 24 reports.

“It is such a damn good feeling to save the child’s life,” she said.

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