A puppy has been nursed back to health after suffering terrible injuries when his owner scalded him with boiling water and threw him from a fourth-floor window.

Tuffy was left for dead after being attacked for chewing on a mobile phone in Chengdu, China.

Luckily, the six-week-old pup was rescued by a passer-by, 30-year-old Yan Yingying, who rushed him to a vet and paid for his treatment.

But with Tuffy showing little improvement, she contacted the charity Animals Asia - which normally rescues bears.

The injured dog needed skin grafts after enduring blisters to 60% of his body.

He was also forced to sleep with his eyes open as his burnt eyelids were too tight to close.

Vet Emily Drayton said she was "shocked and sickened" when she saw the scalded pup.

"Never have I seen an animal in so much pain," said Ms Drayton.

"The first act of kindness was that of Ms Yan. She was the one who saw Tuffy lying at the bottom of the apartment building, drenched and scalded.

"The sight must have been horrific, and I’m sure many people would have walked past and pretended not to see.

"But she didn’t. She took Tuffy to a local vet in Chengdu and paid for all his veterinary care. That saved his life."

The dog was covered in bandages for months and needed round-the clock injections and pain killers.

A specialist from Hong Kong also flew in to release his fused legs and eyes - and now, months later - he is living with Ms Yan, the woman who rescued him from the street.

His carers said they named him Tuffy because a "tough puppy needed a tough name".

Jill Robinson, Animal Asia's founder, said: "Tuffy has more passion for life than any animal, or person, I have ever met.

"Nothing can keep him down. He is boisterous and full of play.

"To say Tuffy is a fighter is an understatement."

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