Paris attack bystander narrowly avoids getting shot in the head in surveillance video

Surveillance video from the night of last Friday's Paris massacre shows an attacker aiming a gun at a woman's head, only for the weapon to apparently misfire.

The encounter happens 40 seconds into the video, which The Daily Mail posted online Wednesday. Bullets shattered the windows of the restaurant, which the website identified as La Cosa Nostra.

After the woman ducked down underneath a table outside, the attacker walked up and aimed his gun at her. But he walked away after a few seconds. The woman and a companion eventually stood up and ran off.

The footage also shows a waiter ducking behind a bar to protect another woman who was hurt.

This was the first surveillance video from the inside of any building damaged in the massacre, The Daily Mail adds. Attackers unleashed chaos at several restaurants and bars, as well as a concert hall and the Stade de France as it hosted a soccer match. 129 people were killed, and hundreds more were hurt.