Palestinian man in custody after deadly stabbings in Tel Aviv

Nov. 19, 2015: The scene of a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv.

Nov. 19, 2015: The scene of a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv.  (Israeli Defense Forces)

A Palestinian man is in custody after carrying out knife attacks at a Tel Aviv office building and shopping center Thursday, killing two Israelis and wounding another who were engaged in mid-day prayers, according to Israeli media.

The attacker, who was arrested after being partially subdued by a civilian, revealed to investigators that he is from the West Bank city of Dura, the Algemeiner reports.

The violence unfolded at the Panorama office building and shopping center in southern Tel Aviv. Authorities said the assault started at a shop where people were engaged in mid-day prayers.

"We were praying, when suddenly a man keeled over. Blood was spurting everywhere," a witness told RT. The news agency reported that the attack took place in the building of its local bureau and all staff members are safe.

The attacker then went to a lower floor and continued his spree until a civilian hit him with a metal pipe, the Algemeiner adds.

Police arrested the man and began an interrogation in a nearby shop.

One victim of the attack died at the scene. Another victim was evacuated and later died at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, while a third victim was still being treated there for torso wounds, the Algemeiner reports.

Israel's military said the Hamas militant group, on Twitter, praised the attack.

The stabbings took place a day after the one-year anniversary of the brutal killings of five worshippers -- including three Americans -- inside a Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians wielding meat cleavers and a gun.

Police told Reuters that the number of Israelis who have died in a wave of violence over the past seven weeks, stemming from tensions over a Jerusalem holy site, has risen to 16, along with 79 Palestinians.

Earlier Thursday, three Palestinian women tried to infiltrate an Israeli military post in the West Bank, but were stopped and found with three knives in their possession, Reuters reports.

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