Canadian man falsely linked to Paris attacks after doctored selfie emerged

A doctored image of a Sikh man went viral after one of Spain’s biggest newspapers claimed it showed one of the terrorists responsible for Friday's massacre in Paris that killed 129 people, CBC News reports.

The Madrid-based La Razón has since apologized for including the selfie of Canadian freelance writer Veerender Jubbal, CBC added. The photo also was posted by an unofficial ISIS support group on the social media platform Telegram.

In the original photo, taken in 2014, Jubbal appears to be holding an iPad, CBC writes. But in the edited picture, the iPad has been turned into what looks to be a Qur’an, and a suicide vest has been added.

Jubbal responded to the doctored image on Twitter, saying he had nothing to do with the attacks.

“Never been to Paris. Am a Sikh dude with a turban,” he wrote. “Learn the difference between me being a Sikh, and a Muslim.”

While it remains unclear who edited the image and why, some have suggested that Jubbal’s criticism of the Gamergate movement motivated the smear.

Gamergate supporters say the movement began as a fight for more ethical coverage of video gaming. But critics say it is a misogynistic harassment campaign.