Croatian police say that a 105-year-old Afghan woman is among the migrants who arrived Tuesday at the country's main refugee camp near the border with Serbia, thousands of miles from Afghanistan.

Police say the woman came to the Opatovac camp around noon after crossing from Serbia with a group of migrants. Spokesman Domagoj Dzigumovic says authorities have been checking whether she needs medical attention.

Many children and sick or elderly people have been among the tide of people hoping to reach Western Europe. Dzigumovic says more than 260,000 migrants have entered Croatia since mid-September when the so-called Balkan corridor switched from Hungary to Croatia.

Dzigumovic says the influx of refugees has decreased by 1,000 to 2,000 per day in the past few days, but he stresses that it could intensify again.

Also Tuesday, Slovenia's foreign minister hinted that the small country may erect a fence along its border with Croatia to stem the influx of tens of thousands of refugees and other migrants.

Karl Erjavec said some 12,000-13,000 migrants have been arriving daily since Hungary built a fence on the border with Croatia and the flow was redirected to Slovenia earlier this month.

He says "we don't want them (the migrants) to be dispersed along the length of the border. Certain impediments need to be set up to prevent that. There are various technical possibilities."

Erjavec says he does not want to elaborate what those blockades would be, but added: "You can guess at what can be used to impede."

Around 84,000 people have crossed into Slovenia from Croatia since Oct. 16.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.