The latest news as migrants make their way across Europe by the tens of thousands, fleeing war or seeking a better life. All times local:

8:25 a.m.

Slovenian lawmakers have approved a law formally granting more powers to the army in managing the migrant influx along the border of the small Alpine nation.

Parliament voted 66-5 early on Wednesday to allow the troops to warn, direct and temporarily restrict the movement of persons or engage in crowd control, as police normally do.

The law envisages that the new measures can put in force in an exceptional situation and for three months with the possibility to extend the period.

Slovenian army troops already have been deployed at the border providing logistical support to the police.

Migrants have turned to Slovenia in their bid to reach Western Europe after Hungary closed its borders to the flow on Saturday.


8:15 a.m.

An official in Cyprus says two boats with approximately 140 people onboard have landed on the shores of a British air base on the island's southern coastline.

British Bases spokesman Kristian Gray told The Associated Press that the two boats came ashore at RAF Akrotiri at daybreak on Wednesday. He said there are children among the passengers, but authorities haven't established where the boats came from.

Gray said there's no information about the passengers' health.

Cyprus' eastern tip is less than 100 miles (160 kms) from Syria's coastline. The island hosts two bases on its southern coast which are considered sovereign British territory.

In the last two months, Cypriot authorities rescued 128 Syrian refugees aboard two boats in separate incidents.