Man discovered living with decomposing body in California motel room

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A lot of weird things happen in motel rooms in the Los Angeles area, but a recent discovery inside one room may be contender for the strangest.

Police in Ontario – a town about 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles – were called to the Mission Motel on Sunday morning after receiving a complaint about a foul odor emanating from one of the motel's rooms.

When police knocked on the door, they were greeted by Alfred Guerrero and a gag-inducing smell coming from inside. The officers noticed flies buzzing around behind Guerrero, and the man refused to say what was producing the stench.

"He told them they needed to look for themselves and would not provide any additional information," Sgt. Jeff Higbee said in a statement, according to the Los Angeles Times.

When police entered the room, they found a dead body that he been decomposing for "several' days – while Guerrero apparently lived and sleept next to it.

"It's extremely unusual," Higbee said. "I don't know what his thinking was, why he would not report it. That's suspicious in itself."

Guerrero has been living at the hotel for more than two years and is known to have been an acquaintance of the dead man, but no more information was available about their relationship.

While Guerrero was detained and questioned by police, he was eventually let go because it was unclear how the other man died – whether from natural causes, a medical complication, a drug overdose or something more nefarious.

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