Argentinian man murders parents and eats stepfather's flesh; says it tastes like pork

A physically disabled Argentinian man has confessed to murdering parents, "violating" his stepfather's corpse, eating the man's flesh and performing an obscene act over his dead mother — all with the help of his stepsister lover.

Twenty-five-year-old Leandro Acosta admitted to authorities in Buenos Aires that he and his 22-year old stepsister Karen Klein – who have been lovers for six years – murdered their parents and burned the corpses after suffering what they say were "years of sexual abuses" inflicted on them and their 11-year-old twin siblings.

The two-story home where the atrocities were allegedly committed, in well-to-do neighborhood of Pilar, has been labeled the "House of Terror" by the Argentinian press.

Speaking to his lawyer from inside a special psychiatric unit, Acosta said that his mental state was worn away following years of abuse by his stepfather, 54-year-old Ricardo Klein, who allegedly began raping Acosta at age 11 and even "involved him in threesomes" as a young boy, the Daily Mail reported.

Acosta purportedly shot his stepfather in the head before becoming "sexually excited" and violating the dead body. Around that time, his mother, 52-year-old  Miryam Kowalczuk, walked in the room and shouted 'What have you done, you son of a b***h!" before he shot her.

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Acosta's stepsister claimed that she only helped Acosta clean up the remains, but his lawyer, Monica Chirivin, believed that she helped Acosta – who is wheelchair-bound and fitted with a colostomy bag because of a long-running intestinal disorder – to light the fire where they burned their parents.

After murdering his parents, Acosta reported the couple to local authorities as child molesters and requested a restraining order against them. He then carted the bodies to different parts of the house and kept them there for 11 days – beating them, crushing their skulls and impaling his mother on a spike.

Acosta also cooked and ate his stepfather's flesh, saying that it "tasted like pork, a tad salty but delicious." His lawyer added that eating the flesh was "almost a pleasure" for Acosta, who said he had no remorse killing his stepfather or his mother.

"She was a whore and a drunkard, I did justice my way," he said.

After killing their parents, Acosta went to work and Klein left to go to a yoga class.

The gruesome murders were discovered when a relative couldn't reach the family and called police. Upon entering the home, authorities found Kowalczuk's pelvic bone and spine in a bucket, along with more human flesh "readied for consumption" and 16 large refuse bags with some containing human remains.

Klein's body has never been found but law enforcement personnel still have to perform forensic tests on the garbage bags.

"We received incoherent answers but heavily smoking fires had been raging for days. The main bedroom was empty and the mattress had been burned," Police Chief Dario Lutter said.

Acosta and Klein's 11-year old twins have been placed in the care of social services because Klein's family did not want to take care of them.

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