Romania: 2 politicians indicted for money laundering in 2008 election campaign; to face trial

Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors say two senior politicians from the opposition Liberal Party will face trial on money laundering charges.

The anti-corruption prosecutors' office said Monday that parliamentary Deputy Speaker Dan Motreanu and former presidential adviser George Scutaru have been indicted and will be tried by the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

Prosecutors say a local politician paid Motreanu 250,000 euros ($280,000) and Scutaru 170,000 euros ($190,000) for financing their 2008 electoral campaigns for parliament. They used fictitious contracts to hide the origin of the money. Both Motreanu and Scutaru were lawmakers at the time.

Scutaru resigned as the national security adviser of President Klaus Iohannis in March.

Premier Victor Ponta Ponta is on trial on corruption charges related to work he did as a lawyer in 2007-2008.