Family of U.S. woman who died from botched butt implants in Mexico speaks out

The family of a California woman who died of alleged complications from a botched butt implant surgery is seeking to hold the doctor who performed the medical procedure accountable.

They are not suing him, but they want to make sure his name is out there.

In 2014, Roseann Falcon, 54, traveled across the border from California to Mexicali, Mexico for what she thought was going to be an inexpensive tummy tuck from Dr. Victor Manuel Ramírez Hernández.

"She was just really depressed from losing her husband and definitely a mid-life crisis," Belinda Falcon Munoz, Roseann's sister, told local media. "He started talking to her, 'instead of a tummy tuck let's do some liposuction, I can suck the fat out and inject it into other parts of your body to make you look fuller'."

While the surgery seemed to go well, things went bad when Falcon returned to her home in California.

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"She's got fluid oozing out of her body and she's just lying in this infested mess," Munoz said. Falcon died the following day of what the family says is complications from the botched surgery.

Following months of grieving, the family was hit with another shock when they heard of a young Australian woman who died during the same procedure done by the exact same doctor. Twenty-nine-year-old Evita Nicole Sarmonikas died earlier this year after suffering a cardiac arrest during surgery at the Hospital Quirurgico del Valle

"We cried like it was our own sister all over again," Munoz said. “And we could've probably prevented it. And we don't want to take too much guilt for that because we've got our own things to go through."

While neither family has taken legal action against Ramírez, they hope that he will lose his medical license following the deaths – adding that while it won’t take away the pain of losing their loved one, it will bring some closure.

For his part, Ramírez has remained silent on the deaths and has not returned request for interviews by various media outlets. In 2012, the doctor was threatened by reality television star Kim Kardashian with legal action for using her photo on advertisements for his business.

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