California family celebrates daughter's wedding, mourns son's murder on same day

Davis, California (KTXL) – This is about a family, two parents with five grown children, who celebrated their daughter's wedding this past weekend – only one of their kids was missing.

Just hours before their daughter’s wedding, Henry and Emma Gonzales' 22-year-old son, Pete, was stabbed to death following a fight that broke out at the KetMoRee restaurant and bar in Davis.

"I can tell you, every day has been tough. And ... it's hard, for me to hold this in. I just ... I just miss my son. And I want him back. And I know I can't have him back," Henry said, as he tried to hold back tears.

On Tuesday, Henry and Emma saw their son, Pete, as he lay at the funeral home.

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They will bring him back home to Hacienda Heights in Los Angeles County on Wednesday.

"There was such an emptiness, and I hope that maybe somebody was harboring the last person will say something, and they'll bring him to justice. Because there's nothing like the emptiness in your heart when you see your child lying dead, and there's nothing you can do about it," Emma said with tears.

Of the three men believed to have been responsible for Pete's death, police arrested one shortly after the fatal fight. On Monday, Zackary Sandeno turned himself in to police in Vacaville, where he lives.

They're still searching for his brother, Joseph Sandeno, in connection to the murder.

"Those individuals have parents, maybe they feel the same way. But at least they know that Peter had parents, had a family," Henry said.

The Gonzales’ are a family of achievers – collegiate athletes, Naval officers, a lawyer.

Pete's dream was to work with special needs children.

"He was very excited about that. That was one of his goals in life, was to become a teacher, and get into teaching kids that were autistic," Henry said.

He was the kind of guy that everyone wanted as a friend. And those related to him, knew they were blessed.

Amid the sorrow, there is some solace knowing Pete died with happiness in his heart.

"He had his arm around his brothers and sisters, and we were all together again. It had been about a year since we were all together," his dad said.

The family asks that if anyone has information leading to the third suspect, to please contact police in the area.

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