Kenyan mall evacuated as man is arrested with homemade explosive device

The managers of a Kenyan mall in the capital say a man carrying a homemade explosive device was arrested Tuesday afternoon while trying to enter the shopping center on foot.

Nairobi's Garden City Mall said in a statement Tuesday that the man was arrested after acting suspiciously and later two sniffer dogs confirmed the small hand-held device he carried had explosive material. It said the device was "safely neutralized" following an evacuation of the mall.

The statement said police are questioning three men.

In September 2013, Islamic extremists from the Somali group al-Shabab killed at least 67 people in an attack on an upscale mall in Nairobi.

The East African country has been facing the threat of attacks from al-Shabab since sending troops to fight the Somali rebels in 2011.