Nigerian authorities deport over 100 Togolese asylum seekers back home

The U.N. refugee agency says Nigerian authorities have repatriated at least 100 Togolese asylum seekers, many of them the children who have been refugees their whole lives.

The group of Togolese came to Nigeria in July after Benin, which had hosted them for nearly a decade, stripped them of refugee status.

Sogbo Maonou, who was among those deported, said that Nigerian soldiers in Lagos loaded them onto buses that drove them to Togo through Benin.

Deputy Representative for the U.N. Refugee agency Brigitte Eno said Monday the group should have been counselled before being repatriated.

Many claim they face repression at home, having fled political violence after the 2005 election. Some said they witnessed family members being arrested and killed by the military because of their support for the opposition.