French students reportedly tried to dissolve body of murder victim in plot inspired by 'Breaking Bad'

Three French students charged with killing a 23-year-old woman over an alleged $6,600 drug debt tried to dissolve her body in a plot reportedly inspired by the hit TV series "Breaking Bad."

The decomposing body of Eva Bourseau, who was studying art history, was found inside a plastic container filled with acid in her Toulouse apartment last month, The Telegraph reports.

Prosecution sources told the newspaper Monday that one student admitted to police that they had tried to mimic a scene from the show in which a chemistry teacher and one of his former students use acid to dispose of the body of a murdered rival.

The students, who were not identified, bought “acid and a plastic trunk to immerse the body and dissolve it,” a source said.

The plot began when two of the students allegedly went to Bourseau’s home and attacked her with a crowbar and brass knuckles after she refused to pay the money she owed them, The Telegraph reports.

They reportedly visited the apartment several times over the next few days to check on the condition of the body, using air fresheners to cover up its smell, prosecution sources said.

The body was discovered when Bourseau’s mother visited the apartment days later after her daughter was not returning her calls.

Two of the suspects have been placed under formal investigation -- equivalent in France to being charged with murder -- and the third has been charged as an accomplice, The Telegraph reports.

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