An Indonesian court has sentenced three men believed to be members of China's ethnic Uighur (WEE-gur) minority community to six years in jail for conspiring with Indonesian terrorists.

The North Jakarta District Court on Monday found that Ahmet Mahmud, Abdulbasit Tuzer and Abdullah — who also goes by Altinci Bayyram — used fake Turkish passports in violation of anti-terrorism and immigration laws.

The men were arrested in September, along with another Uighur named Ahmet Bozoglan and three Indonesian men, while they were trying to meet Indonesia's most wanted extremist, Abu Wardah Santoso, in Central Sulawesi province.

Santoso has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and is believed to have killed several Indonesian policemen.

Bozoglan and the three Indonesian men, all associates of Santoso, will be tried separately.