Less than two weeks before the Srebrenica massacre's 20th anniversary, Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Serbs in the Bosnian town are as divided as ever.

Serbs have put up anti-European Union posters with the words "Republika Srpska," or "Serb Republic," on a warehouse where Serb forces executed Muslim Bosnians during the 1995 genocide. Bosnia's Muslims want the country to be in in the EU, while Serbs don't.

The posters, which appeared on Sunday, also had Russian President Vladimir Putin's portrait. The Serbs say the posters are meant as an anti-EU protest and to call for Russia to veto a British-drafted U.N. resolution that honors the Srebrenica victims and suggests July 11 should be a memorial day.

More than 8,000 Muslim Bosnians were killed in Europe's worse massacre since the Holocaust.