Poland's Parliament chooses new speaker, to replace Radek Sikorski, amid recording scandal

Poland's lawmakers have voted to choose the ruling party's Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska as Parliament Speaker until the fall general elections.

In the same vote, the lower house, or Sejm, approved the resignation of Radek Sikorski. He resigned as speaker as a result of a 2014 scandal in which recordings were made public of government ministers and officials, including Sikorski, having private conversations in restaurants. They shocked the public with their language and ideas.

Kidawa-Blonska, 58, was recently spokeswoman for the coalition government led by the pro-business Civic Platform party.

Civic Platform is seeking to improve its image ahead of the vote. It unexpectedly lost the presidential election in May to the conservative opposition Law and Justice party, a result that exposed rising dissatisfaction with government policies.