London’s mayor is refusing to apologize Thursday for telling an irate taxi driver to “f--k off and die” while being heckled during a bicycle ride home.

The driver, who was angry over what he felt was Boris Johnson’s lack of support for cab drivers in their battle against the rival service Uber, shouted “you’re one of them!” at the mayor Wednesday night, Sky News reports.

“Why don't you f--k off and die -- and not in that order,” Johnson fired back. The exchange was captured on video and obtained by media outlets.

Steve McNamara, spokesman for the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, told the Daily Mail that "the taxi drivers in London are rightly worried about the way private firms are operating.

“I can understand why the driver had a pop at Boris, and to be fair to him, he gave back as good as he got,” he added.

Johnson said he would not apologize for his remarks and called them “a gentle attempt at return of serve," comparing the dispute with the cabbie to a tennis match, Sky News reports.

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