A jury has found a Canadian couple guilty of plotting to set off pressure-cooker bombs outside British Columbia's provincial legislature two years ago on Canada Day, when thousands of people were expected to be there.

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were arrested in July 2013. A jury in Vancouver late Tuesday found the two recent converts to Islam guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and making or possessing an explosive device. The judge last month had entered a not-guilty ruling on a charge of knowingly facilitating a terrorist act, citing unspecified legal reasons.

Police said the pair had attempted to target the 2013 Canada Day celebrations on July 1 in Victoria. The home-made bombs were placed outside the legislature before the crowds gathered, but undercover police officers had already ensured they were inert.

Police said the two were inspired by al-Qaida ideology but were self-radicalized.


This story corrects that the bombs were placed outside the provincial legislature which is in Victoria instead of Vancouver, British Columbia. The trial was held in Vancouver.