Kosovo police raid houses of suspected militants who may be linked to deadly Macedonia clash

Kosovo police say they have launched raids in several households across the country, including the families of ethnic Albanians involved in last week's deadly clashes with police in neighbouring Macedonia.

Police spokesman Baki Kelani confirmed several raids were underway Friday. The raids follow accusations from Macedonian leaders that Kosovo gunmen plotted terrorist attacks aimed at destabilizing Macedonia. Last weekend 14 gunmen and eight police were killed in clashes in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo. Another 26 people, most from Kosovo, are under arrest for the clashes.

Details about the fighting remain murky. Some suggest authorities in Skopje sparked the clash, seeking to shift attention from corruption scandals that threaten to oust the ruling conservatives.

Some gunmen are former rebels who fought against Serbia in 1999 and Macedonia in 2001.