Sudan president accuses South Sudan of hosting rebels, demands they be disarmed

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir says South Sudan is supporting and hosting Sudanese rebels inside its territory, and has warned Juba to disarm them or face repercussions.

In a speech to pro-government militias in South Darfur state quoted Tuesday by the official Sudanese Media Center, al-Bashir says that if South Sudan does not comply, Sudanese forces are ready to disarm the rebels themselves.

Rebels are battling Sudanese government forces in South Darfur and two other regions in fighting that has displaced tens of thousands of people in recent years.

Al-Bashir won re-election with 94 percent of the vote this month, according to official results released Monday, extending his 25-year rule despite international war crimes charges and multiple insurgencies. The oil-rich South Sudan seceded in 2011.