Aid organization calls on US to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees by end of 2016

An international aid group has called on the United States to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016.

David Miliband, the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, tells The Associated Press that the whole international community shares responsibility for the consequences of the Syrian civil war.

Miliband, a former U.K. Foreign Secretary, says the U.S. has traditionally taken half the world's registered refugees who resettle in third countries and that the United Nations says it wants 130,000 refugees from Syria resettled in the wealthier countries of the world by the end of 2016. Half of that number would be 65,000.

Nearly 4 million Syrians have become refugees, mostly in neighboring countries.

To date, the U.S. has resettled 648 Syrians.