Rioting in Poland over young man's death leaves 14 detained, 2 police hurt

Polish police have detained 14 people and two officers have been hurt in rioting in southern Poland over the death of a man held by police.

The rioting Tuesday night by some 300 young people in Sosnowiec follows two nights of disturbances near Warsaw over the death of another young man apprehended by the police.

Andrzej Gaska, police spokesman in Katowice, in southern Poland, said Wednesday that youths attacked a police station in Sosnowiec with stones and firecrackers, breaking the main doors and some windows.

They blamed the police for the death last week of a 23-year-old man, apprehended in the street and taken to a sobering center, where he lost consciousness. Brought to the hospital, he was pronounced dead from toxic substances. An autopsy is due Wednesday.