Mexican radio station says it's unlikely to rehire top-rated journalist Carmen Aristegui

A Mexican station executive says the host of the country's top-rated national news radio program probably won't be re-instated.

Many view the firing of Carmen Aristegui by MVS Radio over the weekend as a blow to freedom of expression.

MVS Vice President Felipe Chao told local media Tuesday that "there have been a lot of grievances and insults, and at this moment I don't see any point of reconciliation."

MVS says Aristegui was removed for challenging the firing of two reporters who had misused the company's name by suggesting it was a sponsor of MexicoLeaks, a website meant to reveal leaked information on corruption.

Aristegui's team had embarrassed President Enrique Pena Nieto by revealing that his wife was purchasing a house with financing from a frequent government contractor.