Pervy Paraguayan cop busted for dancing with stripper at police station

One Paraguayan police detective really took the idea of searching for the naked truth quite literally.

A photo of Freddy Ortego, a lawman in the Paraguayan city of Pedro Juan Caballero, was leaked to the media that shows him with his own shirt pulled up over his midriff in a picture while fondling the bare behind of a naked exotic dancer inside a police station.

Talk about getting to the bottom of a case.

“I'm making this public because this sort of thing is always happening at this police station and I'm sick of it," the unnamed leaker, who is believed to be another cop, posted online. "There are orgies, prostitutes, strippers, and worse. It has to stop."

Stunned spectators are seen in the photo gawking through the windows at Ortego and his stripper friend as they continue to enjoy their dance on a table top.

The response from social media and the news coverage within Paraguay has forced the country's police officials to investigate the gumshoe grab-ass that is allegedly occurring at the city's police department.

Officials say they are now planning to quiz officers about the incident and whether any other incidents involving strippers or orgies had taken place in the station.

"There is an investigation being carried out into how this happened in a police station," police spokesman Paulo Alonso said, according to the Mirror. "We also want to establish whether it was a single incident or part of a pattern of behavior."

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