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Bystanders partially to blame for Canadian man's death, coroner says

 A Canadian man laid dying on a local train platform bleeding from the head and not breathing for 20 minutes before someone called the paramedics.

Radil Hebrich was seen by at least 40 people who glanced at him on the ground. Most people thought he was just a drunk who passed out despite his head being inches from passing trains.

One person even searched his pockets for an identification card, but never checked for a pulse.

By the time it took for an ambulance to come and assist Hebrich, the 59-year-old was dead after beubg struck by a train at Langelier station in Montreal. Tests showed his blood alcohol level was extremely high and he was deprived of oxygen three minutes before anyone made an effort help him.

A coroner’s report into the man’s death places some of the blame on the bystanders who looked on curiously as Hebrich laid on the ground lifeless.

“At the end of the day, there are not many positive things to write about this rescue attempt,” coroner Jacques Ramsay told the Montreal Gazette, making little effort to hide his dismay. “The indifference of the passengers says a lot about the apathy of citizens.”

According to his obituary, the Algerian-native could not find work upon his move to Quebec with his wife and two children. He began his slow descent into alcoholism soon after.

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