Singapore man fined $15,000 for tossing cigarettes out window



A man in Singapore found out how seriously the country takes its cleanliness when he was fined $15,000 for throwing cigarette butts out his apartment window.

The unidentified smoker, 38, was caught on surveillance camera tossing 34 butts out the window over a four-day span, the National Environment Agency said. It was the highest fine ever for the offense, Reuters reported.

In addition to the steep fine, the man was ordered to do community service, the agency said. He will have to clean a public area for five hours wearing a bright vest that says "Corrective Work Order."

Singapore is known for being extremely clean and cracks down hard on minor crimes like littering and vandalism, which is punishable by caning. The country even bans the import of chewing gum, partly to keep its public areas pristine.

The NEA website said in 2014 it deployed surveillance cameras at nearly 600 locations and took 206 enforcement actions against offenders for high-rise building littering.