Frosty The No-Man: New addition to Florida family's elaborate Xmas display gets stolen

The Rodriguez's missing Frosty the Snowman. (Photo: WSVN)

The Rodriguez's missing Frosty the Snowman. (Photo: WSVN)

A South Florida family known for their festive Christmas display is hoping the two men caught on camera taking off with their inflatable snowman in the middle of the night will have a change of heart.

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The sparkling Yuletide showcase at the home of Liany Rodriguez, located on East 17th Street and Sixth Avenue in Hialeah, boasts a Nativity scene on the roof, a life-size Santa Claus on the balcony, a Christmas tree in the middle of their front yard and Sesame Street characters wearing Santa hats, although Elmo's hat is green. "It takes us about maybe a week to actually set up everything, to get everything ready," said Rodriguez.

However, around noon on Saturday, while Rodriguez and her children were spending some time outside their home, they noticed one of the newest additions to their display, a large inflatable snowman that had stood tall near the corner of their property was nowhere to be seen. "It was tied up to the fence and to the trampoline," she said.

The family quickly went to check their surveillance video and were shocked by what they saw. The footage captured a pickup truck pulling up and parking across the street from Rodriguez's house just before 3 a.m. The two subjects are then seen walking toward the home, then running back to the truck a few seconds later with the family's deflated snowman in tow.

Rodriguez said she is saddened that people have to resort to theft, particularly of a decoration meant to bring joy during the holidays. "It's really sad that we have people who would really ruin somebody's Christmas like this," she said, "especially having two kids that really look forward to this."

The family has filed a police report, but they really hope the thieves will return the large ornament voluntarily. "We don't have to see them. We don't want to see them," said Rodriguez. "Just come drop it off. Same way you took it, just come drop it off. I mean, my kids really liked their snowman, and we would really want it back."

The family said they are hopeful they will get the snowman back in time for the holidays.

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