Pro-democracy protesters who have flooded Hong Kong’s main streets in the last two months face arrest after a court authorized police to help bailiffs remove them from their occupation sites, a senior government official said Tuesday.

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said the protestors raised the level for more violence as the government fights to remove them. Lam also said there is no more room for further dialogue with the protesters.

Lam’s comments come a day after Hong Kong’s High Court extended injunctions forcing the demonstrators to leave all but one of the protesting sites.

Lam said that "the police will give full assistance, including making arrests where necessary," to enforce the injunctions.

She urged protesters to "voluntarily and peacefully" leave the occupied areas so that roads and building entrances can be reopened.

Protests have occupied Hong Kong’s main streets since Sept. 28. Students have protested  China’s decision to screen candidates to become Hong Kong's next leader in the 2017 elections.

Previous attempts to clear the protesters have backfired, which have drawn more demonstrators into the streets and have forced authorities to back down escalating tensions between the two sides.

The Associated Press contributed to this report