Iran has released a female journalist who had been held with her husband since July, according to a published report. 

Yeganeh Salehi, an Iranian reporter for the Abu Dhabi-based English-language newspaper The National, was released on bail in the middle of last week, according to The Washington Post. Salehi's husband, Jason Rezaian, remains imprisoned. Rezaian is the Post's Tehran correspondent and holds dual Iranian and American citizenship. 

The Post cited an e-mail from Rezaian's brother, Ali, in reporting Salehi's release. The paper also reported that she was stripped of her credentials to work in Iran. 

The couple were arrested on July 22 along with an Iranian-American photojournalist and her husband. The other couple were later released, but Rezaian and Salehi remained imprisoned for two-and-a-half months. Iran's government has never stated the precise reason why the couple were arrested or what charges they may be facing. 

Ali Rezaian said that Salehi visited her husband over the weekend and reported that they were both "physically healthy."

"We’re relieved that Yeganeh Salehi is home with her family in Tehran after more than 10 weeks in government detention,” Post Foreign Editor Jehl told the paper. "But Jason Rezaian ... is still being held without explanation, as he has been since July 22. It is long past time for the Iranian authorities to release Jason and to permit him and Yegi to leave the country."

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