Half-naked woman flees to roof after deranged homeless man breaks into home



A California woman was forced to flee her home amid a robbery attempt in such a hurry that she had no time to even put on a pair of pants.

Melora Rivera was lying in bed in her two-story Los Angeles bungalow when a mentally ill, homeless man broke the panel of her glass front door to get inside. The panicked Rivera had time to call the police and scramble onto the rooftop of her home before any altercation with the homeless man, identified as Christian Hicks, but unfortunately was only garbed in a skimpy flannel shirt when she abruptly exited her window.

"Once I saw him in the house I knew we both couldn't be there," Rivera told CBS Los Angeles. "I knew I didn't want to have a confrontation with him of any sort not knowing what his intention was."

Firefighters promptly arrived on the scene only a few minutes later where they found a terrified Rivera crouching under an outcropping on her roof. Unaware that the homeless man was also on the roof, the firefighters told Rivera to make her way down from the roof when menacing-looking Hicks appeared.

Video taken from the scene shows Hicks, garbed in a brown, hooded sweatshirt, peering over the roof's crest in what appears to be a vain attempt to locate Rivera and see what all the commotion is about on the street below.

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Firefighters then hoisted a ladder and a police officer climbed up, gun in hand, to cover Rivera as she scrambled down to safety.

After saving Rivera, the police were able to convince Hicks to make his way down from the roof at which point he was arrested and charged with burglary. He is being held on $50,000 bail and will appear in court on Friday.

Hicks had apparently been detained earlier in the day following a 7:30 a.m. complaint of a man in a residential yard, but he was not arrested for that trespassing incident.

"I saw this guy this morning in handcuffs," said neighbor Alexandria Thompson, according to the New York Daily News. "I've seen him in my yard. I called the police."

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