North American Held Up At Gunpoint In Argentina Captured Whole Scene With Helmet Camera

This is as real as it gets. A tourist who was taking a bicycle tour through Buenos Aires captured an entire attempted robbery at gunpoint on his helmet video. 

Alex Hennessy, a Canadian citizen, posted the clip online on Tuesday for the entire world to see.

The incident took place on August 13, according to the local Clarín newspaper

Hennessy said he handed the video camera to the police after the man gave him the scare when he was touring the Boca neighborhood in eastern Buenos Aires.

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"Give me the backpack,” the thief tells him in Spanish. “Take it out. Take it out,” he insists, while Hennesy only manages to say: "No, amigo. No, no, amigo." At one point the victim drops the bike and starts running, but the perpetrator follows him. That’s when the robber finally takes off.

Hennessy and his fellow bikers are then seen pedaling in search of a police officer. They found a traffic agent a few blocks away and reported the robbery. 

The would-be thief, however, is still at large.

The young tourist reportedly had been traveling in Central and South America for a few months, according to another Argentinian newspaper, La Nación, including Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Peru.

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