A Swedish politician surrounded by rumors of being the secret son of Francois Mitterrand has said in an interview that the late French president is his father.

Hravne Forsne, a 25-year-old running for Parliament, told local newspaper Kungsbacka-Nytt: "That's how it is: Francois Mitterrand was my father."

His mother, a Swedish journalist, told another newspaper two years ago that she had an affair with the French president, who died of cancer in 1996, but declined to discuss her son.

Forsne has avoided interviews after the Kungsbacka-Nytt article and told AP on Monday that "I don't want to answer any questions."

The paper's editor, Tobias Sandblom, said Forsne read the article before it was published and had no objections.

In contrast to Mitterrand, a Socialist, Forsne represents Sweden's conservative party.