4-Year-Old Allegedly Banned From Doughnut Shop For Offending Customer: 'Baby In Your Belly?'



Four-year-old Justin Otero is a curious guy, but his curiosity got him into some trouble at his local Connecticut doughnut shop.

Over the weekend, Justin and his mom went to get doughnuts. That's where the little boy asked a female customer if she was pregnant. 

"There was a customer there, and he asked her if she had a baby in her belly. She said no, he said, 'I'm sorry',” said Justin’s mother, Rebecca Denham. "My response was 'Oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed, I’m so sorry.'" 

The woman just shrugged it off. 

"She said, 'No problem, I get it all the time with the kids at nursery school'," said Rebecca. 

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The managers at Doughnut Inn weren't as forgiving. According to Justin's mother, she and her son returned Wednesday morning and were told to leave. Rebecca says the manager said Justin was rude to the customer.

"Some people, unfortunately are quick to pass judgment, and therefore we will take our money and business elsewhere," said Rebecca.

When contacted for a response, the manager and owner at the Monroe Doughnut Inn had no comment.

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