British woman on trial, charged with trying to smuggle terrorism funds in her underwear

A British woman accused of trying to smuggle 20,000 euros ($27,200) in her underwear to militants fighting in Syria has gone on trial in London's Old Bailey court.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that 26-year-old Nawal Msaad from north London had agreed to be a courier for her friend and co-defendant, Amal el-Wahabi, 27.

Prosecutors say el-Wahabi's husband, who is believed to be fighting in Syria, wanted the money to be taken to Turkey to support the jihadist fighters.

Prosecutors claim the money was raised in Britain, and that the two women had reason to suspect it was to be used for terrorism.

Police arrested Msaad at London's Heathrow Airport in January as she was preparing to board a flight to Turkey.

El-Wahabi was arrested the same day.