Middle East

Majority of Palestinians want to reclaim 'historic Palestine from river to sea'

Reclaiming “all of the historic Palestine from the river to the sea” within the next five years should be the region's national goal, say 60 percent of Palestinians, according to a recent poll.

The study, commissioned by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, found that just 27 percent of those polled favor a “two-state solution” that would begin with the end of occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Ten percent of respondents said the goal should be a one-state solution, or a “state in which Arabs and Jews will have equal rights” in one country, the Algemeiner reports.

The survey, which was conducted last month, also found that 45 percent of Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza said Israel should release more prisoners to further convince Palestinians that it truly seeks peace in the region, followed by 19 percent of respondents who said Israel should stop building additional settlements outside its West bank barrier.

The survey also found that Hamas is not gaining political ground in Palestine, as 29 percent of those polled said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should be president in the next two years, followed by 20 percent who gave no specific answer, while imprisoned political figure and alleged terrorist Marwan Barghouti garnered 11 percent.