Renegade general calls on Turks and Qataris to leave Libya's east

The spokesman for a renegade Libyan general who has been waging an offensive against Islamists has called on Turks and Qataris to leave the country's east or suffer a backlash from the public.

Col. Mohammed Hegazy told reporters in Benghazi Sunday that citizens of the two countries have 48 hours to leave, and measures will be taken against those found after the ultimatum. He didn't elaborate. Hegazy said the public is angered from policies of Turkey and Qatar and may react against their citizens. Hegazy is the spokesman for Gen. Khalifa Hifter who launched an offensive against Islamists, accusing them of terrorism. Hifter also accused Qatar of supporting the militants.

Both countries are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, a leading Islamist power in Libya and elsewhere in the region.