Polish magazine gives prosecutors recordings in case threatening government's survival

A magazine that published compromising private conversations of top leaders has handed evidence over to prosecutors.

Jacek Kondracki, a lawyer for the weekly, Wprost, said he gave prosecutors a pen drive containing the evidence Saturday.

It is the latest develoment in a week-old scandal that threatens to topple the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Last weekend Wprost released a recording of a conversation between central bank head Marek Belka and Interior Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz in which they discuss how the bank could help the governing party win re-election in 2015, a possible violation of the bank's independence.

Prosecutors raided Wprost's office on Wednesday but editor Sylwester Latkowski refused to hand over any materials, trying to protect his anonymous source. Kondracki said he didn't know what was on the pen drive.