Romanian president denies wrongdoing after brother is caught on video in apparent bribe talks

Romania's president has denied interfering with the justice system after a video recording surfaced where his brother appears to say the president was aware of attempts to lower the sentence of a convict.

President Traian Basescu denied Thursday he had meddled with the justice system and sought to distance himself from his brother, Mircea Basescu.

In the recording, broadcast on Romanian television, Mircea Basescu spoke to the son of Sandu Anghel, who is imprisoned for attempted murder. He appeared to acknowledge he had received 250,000 euros ($338,968) to reduce Anghel's sentence and said the president was aware of the case.

Mircea Basescu, who was questioned by an anti-corruption prosecutor Thursday, has admitted the video is genuine but says his comments were taken out of context and denies wrongdoing.